American Heritage 100 :: Fall 2006 [/\\] BYU

my student notes and resources from amh 100 at byu. i can make mistakes, so corrections are welcome.

use 'search this blog' above to search through my notes.

as an international student, i don't know much about american heritage either.

MIDTERM 2: Details

Midterm #2 begins next week (Nov 13-16):
* Monday and Tuesday, FREE
* Wednesday $5 late fee
* Thursday, $7 late fee, Test in hand by 11 am!

approx 55 questions (worth 140 points)
60 points subjective(fill in the blanks, short answer, essay)

Material covered:
AFH chapters 6-9
James Madison textbook
Thoughts on Government
Federalist 10/51
Washington's Farewell Address
Lincoln's 1st and 2nd Inaugural address
Gettysburg Address
-know article 1, 2, 3
-know bill of rights
-know some amendments

From Lecture
=Creating the constitution
=Ratification and Rights
=Politics as Usual
=A House divided

=Constitutional Structure
=Marbury v Madison
=Republicans v Federalists
=Civil War

Review Room closed all next week


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