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Nov 10, 2006: Lab


Midterm #2 begins next week:
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* Wednesday $5 late fee
* Thursday, $7 late fee, Test in hand by 11 am!

Costs of the Civil War
-Because they use traditional style warfare there is a lot of death
-620,000 dead (2% of entire population at the time)
- 50,000 lost at least one limb
- 25,000 killed at the battle at Shiloh
- More americans died in the american civil war than all other wars combined
(WWI + WWII + Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Iraq war etc)

-10% of american males participate in the american civil war

Civil War- Split
| United States of America | Confederate States
Region | North | South
Pop. | 22 million | 9 million (1/3 slaves)
Milit. | 1.5 enlistments | 1 million enlistments
| Poor military leadership | Good Generals
| Stronger Navy | Stronger cavalry
Indus- | 97% of US firearms | Agricultural:
-trial | 71% of US railroads | King Cotton
Capacity| produce 94% of US cloth |
| produce 90% of US shoes |
Govern- | Strong central government| Weak central gov't
-ment[*]| Lincoln's good leadership| Davis weak leadership
| Ability to raise taxes | states rejected taxes
Ideology| Union | Individualism
[*]| Sacrifice | States' rights
| Offensive | Defend of family
| | Defend way of life

enlistment = members of army
[*]Know these for the test [above]

South had more to lose, so more joined the army in the south
IE: There were more soldiers per capita in the south than the north

They fought for their way of life, and their economny, their families, it was a personal issue for the south

The south is very much for state's rights
The north's stronger navy, due to more industrialization (imports/exports)
The south has a stronger cavalry - more horses

Jefferson Davis the president of the confederate states
Confederate States- Have a government like the Articles of Confederation (after the declaration of independence, and before the Constitution)
Davis can't raise revenue, because he can't tax the south

War lasts 1861-1865
Offensive- the north attacks the south
South- feels like they are defending themselves

Liabilities(weaknesses) of the South :
-Undisciplined armies:
--widespread desertion
--excessive individualism
-Weak central government:
--confederacy unable to mobilize nation's resources
--states also refused to accept direct taxation
--money raised by loans which led to catastrophic inflation

State sovereignty:
The fact that they wouldn't come together and unite to fight, yet they were fighting for state rights


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