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as an international student, i don't know much about american heritage either.

MIDTERM 2: Media Clips

Now remember, the purpose of this is to remind a student who as already seen a media clip about the content. Obviously the explanation will not be good enough to replace seeing it.

November 8, 2006
AUDIO CLIP: Lincoln speech in philadelphia hall [Feb 22, 1861]
-some say my role is to draw peace into this distracted country
-those who fought for the declaration of independence fought for freedom
-what principle or ideal did they fight for? freedom and liberty for all men
-the government will only use force if force is used against it

MEDIA CLIP: A meeting held before the end of the civil war,
asking slave leader what he envisioned would happen during the aftermath of the war
-Frasier 'what did the war mean?'
- 'what the presence of black troops in the army meant?' etc

MEDIA CLIP: about the bitterness of the south
-the north (winners) rang the bells of churchs in towns
-some people of the south shot themselves after the surrender
-rather die than live in a country with the north (yankees)

MEDIA CLIP: From "O Brother Where Art Thou" movie
-Watching a meeting of the KKK
-Dressed in white robes,
-Protecting 'culture and heritage and religion and wives'
-like to hang/kill 100s of black people, to prevent transition
-KKK pretended to appeal to good values but achieved it by violence

-not everyone in south completely opposed to transition
-wanted peaceful transition that lincoln called for
-a white man (Robert E. Lee) kneels next to the black man in church
-the white man made a public statement

November 6, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: jefferson and slavery
-Jefferson owned 200 slaves
-he describes himself as a father, slaves as his children [paternalism]
-1774 jefferson said:"slavery is an insult to the rights of human nature"
-he knew that end of the slade trade would collapse the economies of the southern states
-he never took a strong public stand against slavery in the usa

MEDIA CLIP: Amistad (recent movie)
-some slaves had staged a mutiny in the middle of the atlantic ocean
-they took over the ship and sailed it to freedom in connecticut
-court case, should they be free
-John Quincy Adams (former president of the usa) arguing the case

AUDIO CLIP: Lincoln inaugural address
-secession is not acceptable
-"The union of these states is perpetual"
-No federal government had a paragraph in their law to allow states to leave (constitution didn't allow for states to leave)
-In order to disolve the usa, shouldn't all the states agree to disolve, in order for the disolve the usa

MEDIA CLIP: on plantation slavery
-1800 there were 1 million black slaves in the south
-previous slavery was household slavery 1 or 2
-here it was plantation slavery 100s of slaves
-they had laws against teaching slaves to read and write
-conditions on the plantation were horrible
-the overseer always abused their slavers because there were so many slaves they could revolt unless there was a strong show of force
-some people couldn't care less about killing a dog or a slave

MEDIA CLIP: from movie Gettysburg
-images only, no sound
-shows civil war re-enacters
-guns had better accuracy than previous wars
-yet still lining up and marching (old tactics)
-gettysburg a place where there was a great battle

November 1, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: explains electoral college
-electoral college explained
-needed 270 electoral college votes to win in 2000
-it is possible for someone to win the popular vote but lose the electoral college vote
-if the electoral college ties, the congress (house of representatives) votes to break the tie

MEDIA CLIP: Parliamentary system in Israel
-tiny radical parties hold political sway

MEDIA CLIP: spoof, moving towards the middle
-SNL spoof, George W. Bush and father talking about how to dance over to the middle
-slip slide, avoid questions, sneaky, be vague

MEDIA CLIP: jibjab: bush vs Kerry [see it here]
-Bush portrays Kerry as extremist, and portrays self as middle of road guy
-Kerry portrays Bush as extremist, and portrays self as middle of road guy

October 30, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: differences between federalist party and democratic republican party
-sharp divisions between leadership in federal government
-emerged in 1790s
-constitution creates a set of ambiguous structures allowing people and parties to interpret them differently
-Hamilton wanted to make a government that replicated european empires
-Jefferson was opposed to this
-Hamilton wanted to make a national bank
-Without a bank you need to wait for taxes to be collected
-With a bank, you can use funds immediately to fight wars, run government

-2nd President was John Adams
-first act was Alien and Sedition Bills, 1798
-People were outraged against Adams uses of powers, to extend powers of government
-people spoke out against government but were locked up (violation of constitution)
-they were restricting freedom of speech and the press (unconstitutional)
-Jefferson made 3rd president (1800) (called a revolution)

-John Adams alien and seditions act (jailed americans for speaking out against government)
-Woodrow Wilson espionage act (jailed americans during WWI)
-Franklin D Roosevelt Executive Order 9966 (jailed japanese americans during WWII)
-some say George W Bush is also doing similar stuff with his anti-terror act

MEDIA CLIP: Newspapers
-A few newspapers wrote good things about Alexander Hamilton and his bank
-Thomas Jefferson hired a poet with Madison
-poet was to start a rival newspaper to criticize the Federalist party policies
-Federalist party
-launched personal attacks against jefferson,
-another wrote "top 20 things I hate about hamilton"
-Washington wrote both sides asking for ceasefire in war of words

October 25, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: "Imminent Domain" Ware, New Hampshire
The constitution allows someone the opportunity to seize private homes for public use: "Imminent Domain"
Public use: railroad, airport, roads
But some people are being asked to leave their homes for commercial projects

MEDIA CLIP: John Kerry vs Bush
-rights... constitution,
-rights... rights... rights...

MEDIA CLIP: American obesity
-do fast food makers have to pay for americans getting fat?

-a man is fighting the obesity issue saying it is a person's own responsibility to decide what they eat

MEDIA CLIP: [hot coffee/mcdonalds story here]
-hot coffee from Mcdonalds burned her in her lap, she had to get skin grafts
-cyclist hit by a jeep when riding without lights is awarded 7 million

MEDIA CLIP: rights
-what happened to hard work, self-reliance, people cashing in with big cases
-people only care about rights, and not responsibilities anymore

MEDIA CLIP: shows students our age acting on the principle of responsibilities
-students doing community service
-more than 5000 students in universities are spending spring break doing community service
-Vanderbilt, students matching service opportunities with those willing to do service

October 23, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: James Madison
- a young sickly boy who liked to read
-11 french, latin, greek
- he made friends with madison
-in 1780 he was elected to the 2nd continental congress
-madison arrived at the constitutional convention 11 days early
-he had been doing his homework and a lot of preparation
-virginia plan the framework for the constitution

MEDIA CLIP: President authorized the NSA to spy on citizens without warrants
-the program of spying on citizens (including wiretaps) people are arguing it is important
-The patriot act

MEDIA CLIP: "A More Perfect Union"
-small republic vs large republic
-can we have this big republic?
-Madison makes the argument that a larger republic can safeguard against tyrannous factions

October 18, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: Gordon B. Hinckley says
"founding fathers were people who prayed to God, wanted to do his will"
They were raised up for this purpose. Risked their lives to do good.
There has not been before or since so large a group of talented and dedicated men to compare with the Founding Fathers.

MEDIA CLIP: from "a more perfect union"
-James Madison talking to George Washington at a table
-Washington: "We have achieved a great deal at this convention"
-Washington: "Now we need to compromise on the composition of the senate"
-Roger Sherman- may have the key in compromise

MEDIA CLIP: "Movie: 1776 A Musical"
-black slaves
-jefferson vs. [some guy]
-south carolina is a cherished way of life
-abolishing slavery destroys the economy of certain states/colonies that use black slaveries
-a lot of singing... about molasses, rum and slaves

MEDIA CLIP: Wells tried to force Helms (through extortion) to nominate Weld as an ambassador to Mexico
this is an example of checks and balances
the executive branch nominated an ambassador (weld)
the legislative branch did not approve the nomination (helms)

October 16, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: The Miracle in Philadelphia
-the first federal government (articles of confederation) congress was too weak and was going to fall
-james madison, ben franklin
-states have more power, or federal government have more power
-roger sherman came up with a compromise 2 houses of congress
(house of representatives [representation by population], and us senate [representation 2 per state])
-they wrote a constitution for the USA
-purpose- secure blessings of liberty for the 'people'

MEDIA CLIP: Dispute in Little Rock, Arkansas 1957
-not letting blacks into a school (state) vs allowing anyone in the school(federal)
-state govt calls in troops to enforce a policy which was against the federal government policy

MEDIA CLIP: whiskey rebellion, how did president george washington respond to it?
-this is different, you have representation
-they felt they were being unjustly oppressed with taxes
-George washington says, you need to obey the laws

MEDIA CLIP: Gilmore Girls
-"I found a dance partner" (24 hour dance marathon) get a nice trophy vs charity/virtue


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