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as an international student, i don't know much about american heritage either.

A More Perfect Union

"A More Perfect Union"
This is just a movie about the convention from which came the constitution of the usa

If you haven't seen the movie this little summary won't do anything to help you, they said you can see it at the LRC in the library on campus.
USA desires of Britain- fair trade
USA owes Britain- 10 million pounds
Britain says you're not even a real country (John Adams in england)

James Madison tries to get washington to come to a convention because certain states said they'd only come if washington came.

George Washington (also called the indispensable man) (acted as the president at the constitutional convention (guy in charge) )

George washington voluntarily surrendered power after the war (as a general, he could have used the military to just take over the colonies/states)

Virginians meet together beforehand, and discuss the Virginia Plan

Conventions starts
Small Republic vs Large Republic
everyone thinks that small republics are the only way to go, to combat factions
Madison proposes that a large republic is the only way to combat a faction taking over

Representation by Population or Representation by State in Congress
Solved by Roger Sherman's suggestion: The Great Compromise
But... when there was deadlock, Ben Franklin suggested that the delegates pray

The economy of the Southern states would be destroyed if they abolish slavery
Many delegates are slave-owners themselves

Madison was one darn stubborn guy, not wanting to compromise

Rhode Island was never represented at the convention
New York was not eligible to vote on the final vote (due to have only one representative there at the end), but Alexander Hamilton (who represented NY) signed the Constitution anyway.

(extra)My wife tells me that:
John Adams was the 1st vice president
Alexander Hamilton was the 1st treasurer
George Washington was the 1st president
John Adams was the 1st vice-president
John Adams was the 2nd president
Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president
James Madison was the 4th president

Ben Franklin (The inventor of the stove)


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