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Nov 3, 2006: Lab

If you want to go over the midterm, go to the review room.
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Electoral changes in the constitution since the founding

franchise = the right to vote

-franchise amendment (the right to vote)
-15th amendment 1860s: Removes Racial restrictions for voting
-17th amendment: Direct election of senators (instead of having state legislature choose them)
-19th amendment: Women Allowed to vote (1920)
-24th amendment: No Poll Tax (southeastern states went around the 15th amendment)

Poll is the place you go to vote
Southern states discouraged blacks from voting by charging them money to vote

-26th amendment: voting age changed to 18

Election laws in the constitution since the founding
Election laws
*12th amendment: separate voting for the vice president and vice president
-this is in response to the rise in political parties
(previous to this, the person who had 2nd place in presidential election becomes vice-president)
Now, your president and vice-president votes are together (instead of 2nd place thing...)
-20th: executive office starts jan20 instead of march 4 (shortens the lame duck period)
*22nd executive restricted to 2 terms
-25th vice pres takes over

[group work]

ask yourselves:
Federalists vs Republicans...
-Foreign Policy Issues:
-Should the US support Britain or France?
-How should the party respond to the Alien and Sedition Acts?
-Federal Union (National vs. State Governments)
-How should parties? respond to the Kentucky and Virginia resolutoins?
-Why was union so important?
--To Madison?
--To Washington?

please read:
Foreign Policy
GW 376, 377, 379
GW 378
JM 150,148-149
Union: JM 224, 230-231
GW 368, 372,371

Foreign Policy
JM 125-126
JM 150-151,221
JM 151-153

Federalist Party view on Foreign Policy:
We support britain (a stable country), we are a producing nation, economic support
britain a great economic ally

Republican Party view on Foreign Policy:
We support france, they helped us in the revolution, britain is very controlling
We equate freedom/aid and help with france. We think about freedom of rights

Federalist Party view on [Union- Virginia and Kentucky resolutions]:
We are responsible for the alien and sedition acts
We are not happy with, Virginia and Kentucky resolutions, we are a union
National government should have more power than the state government
The state shouldn't have a right to nullify anything the national government

Republican Party view on [Union- Virginia and Kentucky resolutions]:
We are responsible for the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions
We think the alien and sedition acts are unconstitutional
Think national government (union) is moving towards tyranny.

[this topic can be used to make a really good essay question]


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