American Heritage 100 :: Fall 2006 [/\\] BYU

my student notes and resources from amh 100 at byu. i can make mistakes, so corrections are welcome.

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as an international student, i don't know much about american heritage either.

Oct 13, 2006: Lab


-53 matching and multiple choice questions (worth 140 pts)
-5 identification questions, fill in the blanks, and
2 essays (worth 60 pts)
-page in length

use american heritage terms like:
"due process", "whig party", "commonwealth"

pick up old papers at the amh office in the swkt basement

Patriots vs Loyalists

Loyalists- pro british, anti-american
Patriots - pro american, anti-british


Loyalist viewpoint.....

Why do you support/oppose the Revolution?
*too hasty, too rash, tarring and feathering people left and right

What is your duty to King George? how do you feel towards king george?
*good guy, ordained of god
*We believe god command us to honor the king
*if you rebel you are rebelling against god
*lets pay taxes because the british troops protect us
*british taxes higher than american taxes

What is your motivation in taking your stand? What motivates the other side?

Does your side best represent virtue or preserve your interest?
*virtue, it represents the interests of all

What do you think is the greatest source of tyranny?
*people trying to abolish government for their own gain

[we had a debate about loyalists vs patriots]

% of american population in 1770s
loyalists- 20%
patriots - 80%


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