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Sept 29, 2006: Lab


[office hours posted on blackboard]

Paper #1 due next week in labs

Rubric is posted on blackboard?
-watch style and mechanics
--number pages and include a cover style
(2-3) pages

-Not a summary,
-draw from the forum and dallin h oaks' reading
-cite your sources
-can use 'i','you'
-follow rubric instructions

you may also talk about:
-being a citizen of our own country
-being a resident of the usa
-being a citizen of the usa


The moral basis of the founding:
What does the textbook mean when it says moral?
we are talking about virtues.
a sense of what is right or wrong.

How does a country guard against corruption.
England has a monarchy- [\/\/\/]
Glorious revolution takes away monarchy's power, and gives it to parliament.
Now we have a greater ability for corruption to come in (because regular people are now in government).

Aristotle believed corruption is more likely to happen when power is in the hands of few, (as opposed to many).

Rock,Paper,Scissors to see who gets to divide the candy.
Andrew's self interest- make himself a bigger pile
Moses' self interest- pick the biggest pile

2 things prevent corruption-
-virtue AND structure (being implemented into society)

Virtuous people can still be influenced by others, so we need structure to prevent it.

definition in this lecture: virtue- not acting in self-interest

-widespread sharing of power
Example in society (solutions):
-Checks and balances
-3 branches of government
-English Government System

435 people in the house of representatives
100 people in the senate

Legislative- congress (like parliament)
Executive- president and vice president
Judicial- judge system- interpreting the law

English System:
King, Judges
-house of lords, and
-house of commons

Virtue (also comes from england)
-Commonwealth Party(whigs) vs. Court Party
-Court Party aka Tories, Royalists

aka: also known as

Commonwealth Ideology
-To prevent corruption, needed to balance the centers of power with the "country party"
-Believed in economic independence and that being close to the land brough purity

virtue: being close to the land and close to the people, acting in the interest of the people


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