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as an international student, i don't know much about american heritage either.

Oct 11, 2006


Breaking with Britain
Day 2

Washington and the American Revolution

I. Popular conceptions of Washington and the
truth behind the myth
A. Washington and piety
B. Washington as 'God’s elect'
C. Washington and the Rule of Law
D. Washington and virtue
E. Washington and heroism
F. Washington and preparedness

II. Washington and the American Revolution
A. Fortifying the Heights of Dorchester
B. Retreating from Long Island
C. Trenton and Princeton
D. Holding the Army together

III. And afterward . . .
A. The Newburgh Conspiracy
B. Following the pattern of Cincinnatus
C. Holding the Country together


no notes, sorry

summary: George Washington was good guy, everybody likes him.

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