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Sept 25, 2006

American Heritage 100
English Sources of American Government
Day 1

I. The Enlightenment-Era Shift to Individual Freedom
A. Historical Background
1. Stuart monarchs: autocratic view of govt.
a. Divine right of kings
2. Parliament vs Crown
a. Taxation w/o representation
b. Religious conflict—fears of Catholicism
3. Execution of King,establishment of Commonwealth under
Lord Protector (Oliver Cromwell)
4. Restoration
5. Organization of the Whig party

II. John Locke’s Second treatise of Govt.: direct influence
on founders
A. Problem: Determine what gives legitimacy to a ruler if
Divine Right does not
B. Historical Context:
1. “Popish plot,” 1678
2. Exclusion Crisis, 1679
3. James II assumes throne, 1685
4. The Glorious Revolution, 1688
a. Parliamentary supremacy: the “Declaration of


Lockean Liberty: the Enlightenment-era shift to individual freedom

English History:

Charles I wanted to fight a war
Parliament wanted a say, and said he couldn't do it
Charles dismissed parliament

Guy Fawkes - English nursery rhyme
- a catholic, tried to blow up parliament

Charles I, 1649

-charles stewart (Charles I)
-oliver cromwell decided that charles would have to die
-jan 30 1649, charles
-birth of a republic (kinglesss state)
-pictures of beheaded charles
-"offered justice, and expected obedience"
-last words: "a subject and a king are clean 2 different things"

Oliver Cromwell
-leading general in english civil war
-he could have been the next leader of england
-instead he called himself "lord protector of the liberties of england"

Restoration of the Monarchy (Charles II) 1660,
-(because oliver's son richard was no good)
-parliament invited to rule as king
-opposition party (whig party)

John Locke's mentor- Earl of Shaftsbury started the whig party

Locke's 2nd Treatise of Government
-"what gives a ruler legitimacy?"

MEDIA CLIP: Popish Plot
-Charles suspected of having catholics in govt and making secret treaties with catholics
-plot largely based on rumor,
-charles II doesn't have an heir so his brother (James) would be the next king
-earl of shaftsbury says you can't be king
-then James REALLY DOES become king

John Locke says
-divine right of kings doesn't work, only consent works

MEDIA CLIP: James became king in 1685
-after 3 years, james was going to be a visible catholic king
-at least he had no son, his daughter Mary married William of orange
-then hames had a son

MEDIA CLIP: Prince William invited to invade england
-William needed troops against France
-600 vessels, 20,000 troops
-when james realized he was going to be invaded, he fled so he wouldn't be beheaded
-Parliament read a "Declaration of Rights" gave William conditional leadership
-called the 1688 glorious revolution (largely bloodless)

Small glorious revolutions in colonies like in america

Declaration of Rights
-limit power of king
-king to act like a 'chairman of the board'

Bill of Rights about Human Rights
Declaration of Rights about Parliament's Right


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