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Sept 22, 2006: Lab

ANNOUNCEMENTS (for my section)
Paper #1
Based on form, Tues sep 26, 11am - in the marriott (not a devotional)
and Dallin H Oaks article
required for first paper due Oct 6

2-3 pages in length (under 2, over 3)
typed, double spaced, 12 point font


-due oct6 at beginning of the lab

same day after lab -10
the next day -30
(turn them into the review room if they are late)

John Winthrop
--1st gov of Massachusetts Bay Colony
--1630 on the way to America from England

"A Modell of Christian Charity"-Winthrop
-tries to create a perfect society
-starts with
"...some must be rich, some poor, some high and eminent in power and dignity..."
BUT ... these differences do NOT justify inequality in living conditions!! They exist to develop Christian virtues...

At the time the word 'democracy' was a bad word, because at the time everyone remembered that Athens fell.
Oligarchy is the form of government that Winthrop was in

Winthrop lists different christian virtues
he says wealthy need the poor to be humble
he says a rich-poor hierarchy helps to teach christian virtues

Winthrop has 4 points/purposes for doing this
* Work (page 12)
. "Mutual Consent"
- "To seek out a place of cohabitation under a due form of Government both civil and ecclesiastical"
- Setting up a colony to purify the church is done under mutual consent (the people set up govt because they want to)
- Specifically, they will seek out a place of residence
-- civil - govt organization
-- ecclesiastical - religious organization
- winthrop says people need to be governed by religion and gov't
* "The End"
- "The end is to improve our lives to do more service to the Lord; the comfort and increase of the body of Christ, whereof we are members that ourselves and posterity may be the better preserved from the common corruptions of this evil world, to serve the Lord and work out our Salvation..."
----1 improve our lives
----2 do more service to the Lord
----3 to serve the Lord and work out our Salvation

Covenant (Page 13 2nd and 3rd paragraphs)
What must the Puritans do? What must god do? (circular)

Christian virtues
Meekness, gentleness, patience, honest, faithful
If they dont arrive at the colony, its because they weren't good enough christians

City on a Hill...
-showing the church of england the right way to run a religion
-consequences if they don't become a city on a hill
--enemies of the church will
---1 speak bad against the puritans
---2 speak bad against the church
---3 speak bad against the god

Hingham, MA - Massachusetts
-have an election, elect person as captain: Emes
-the council approves Emes as the captain of Hingham's militia
-Emes does something to offend the people [we don't know] unrelated to his captaincy
-so people hold an election and elect a new captain
-council rejects the new captain
-so towns people get angry
-council invites elections officials people to come to town, but they don't want to come
-council imprisons elections officials
-john winthrop put on trial for imprisoning officials
-winthrop sits down in the defendants seat, and it embarasses the people who put him on trial
-so they acquit him (drop charges?)

1. Divine Right? Or Consent?
2. Local (town) authority vs. colony (central) authority
-like in USA the federal government vs state gov't

At the time the word 'democracy' was a bad word, because at the time everyone remembered that Athens fell.
Oligarchy is the form of government that Winthrop was in

John winthrop says there are two types of freedom
"On Liberty"...
2 Types of Liberty (last paragraph page 9)
- Natural:
- Liberty to do evil as well as good
- Same for animals as for man
- Civil/Moral Liberty
- Only free to do what is good (christian virtues)
Example (back page)
- wife married to husband, she is bound to live his law
- christ 'married' to church, he is bound to live the churches law


-an elected official with authorities to make laws in the USA

Oligarchy - rule by a few
Monarchy - rule by one
Aristocracy - royal blood lines


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