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Sept 20, 2006

American Heritage 100
Beginning the World Anew
Day 2

I. Covenant Colonies
A. Plymouth
1. The Mayflower Compact
2. Thanksgiving
B. Massachusetts Bay Colony
1. The Massachusetts Bay Colony Charter
2. Motives for Puritan settlement
C. The Covenant
1. Civil covenants
2. Church covenants

II. Enduring ideas:
A. God’s Elect
B. Christian Calling
C. Moral Self-governance


Intro Music
BYU Choir Thanksgiving songs, The Promised Land

New England...

Plymouth, 1620
-colonized by separatists/pilgrims (break off from the church of england)
Massachusetts Bay, 1630
-colonized by puritans

-established a very important document in american history
-example of locke's 2nd treatise of government: Mayflower Compact Nov 11, 1620

Mayflower Compact
-arrive in november to cape code
-it was cold, way too late to plant
-even though they don't agree on everything, they promise submission and obedience to the government
-and excellent example of a government established by consent

-Pilgrims were the ones that the story of thanksgiving is based on.
-Least commercialized holiday

MEDIA CLIP:adams family
-puritan - indians in a play
-first thanksgiving
-wednesday adams
-shows the clash between new and old traditions between thanksgiving
-and native american grievances

Beyond plymouth
-Mass Bay
-what they lacked was a legal charter for governmet

Massachusetts Bay Colony Charter
-Plymouth didn't have one
-they probably made the mayflower compact because plymouth didn't have a legal authorization to make govt
-Mass. Bay had the legal document from the King so they started out on firmer ground

Thomas Hooker
-get out of england as fast as you can because God is leaving england

-some people thought that the anglican church had been so corrupted from the catholics that england is going to be destroyed

John Winthrop
-reasons to go to new england
-1-take gospel to indians (like jesuits)
-2-england is going to be destroyed to flee to refuge in new england
-3-others material reasons

Covenant Colonies:
-Form a town charter
--a town got too crowded
--we need land to start a new town
--then they'd form a covenant- we'll look after each other, and form a government
--want communities to be godly christian communities

-Came up from below (regular people became ministers)
-and not commission from some archbishop in england
-they hire a minister (from the ground up)
-called gathered churches
-called the new england way

-Don't get cynical and recognize that there are millions who want it to be a city on a hill
-Ronald Regan- saw america as a special place, a beacon of freedom to the world

Christian Calling
-catholics taught being a monk is a pure way to live
-protestants said people don't have to be monks to be pure
-use talents to further the kingdom of god

MEDIA CLIP: Chariots of fire
-I'm going back to china-the missionary school said i was accepted
-I believe god made me fast, and made me for china

Moral Self-Governance
-civil vs Natural Law -John Winthrop
-gain greater freedom through giving up rights

immoral and unjust price fixing


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