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as an international student, i don't know much about american heritage either.

Midterm Review: MEDIA CLIPS

(so far)
October 11th, 2006
I didn't make it to lecture

October 9th, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: Samuel Adams
-he felt everything else (in the future) coming from britain would be also taxed
-He called taxes britain put on american colonies: tyranny

Media CLIP: Americans felt they started to have voice in government, then parliament laid taxes on colonists but america had no voice in the taxes, so they started to think about breaking away

MEDIA CLIP: A declaration of independence,
-the figure of a man writing it...
-random people standing in a room, quoting parts of the independence
-random football players quoting other parts of the declaration of independence

October 4th, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: (india)
-2 systems, govt regulation is limited vs. excessive
-it takes a lot of paperwork in india to build factories
-Indians do well everywhere except india

MEDIA CLIP: the baby
-baby cries loud to send a signal (but only when it sees the parent)
-baby cries loud to receive attention

October 2th, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: Teacher standing in front of blackboard, students staring blankly...
(amh instructor says: I hope talking about economics is not as boring as these students think it is in this clip)

MEDIA CLIP: Global economy, chinese seamstress factories

MEDIA CLIP: two grandmas fighting over 1 photo, ad/commercial for a company offering 2 prints

MEDIA CLIP: Sam Brannan a mormon pioneer, came west, part of mormon battalion, got to california, discovered san francisco, his experience in San francisco
-Gold rush made him the richest person in california (Historical example)
-brannen sold shovels to the gold diggers,
-he purchased every pickaxe and metal pan in the area

Sept 27, 2006
5 Principles of the Rule of Law you need to know:
1. Generality
MEDIA CLIP: Malibu coastline, private beaches vs. public beaches

2. Prospectivity
MEDIA CLIP: Truck driver, paid penalties, then the penalties changed

3. Publicity
MEDIA CLIP: New York, should not put chains around trees, locked his bike to a tree

4. Consent
MEDIA CLIP: Iraqis voting, shi'ites, kurds, 14 milllion+ voters, 50-70% votership

5. Due Process
MEDIA CLIP: Chinese court system, police seize news camera, wang convicted of trying to overthrow the government by writing articles about democracy (15 years)

MEDIA CLIP: Thomas Moore (A man for all ages)
Henry the 8th, abolished the catholic church in england and changed to the anglican church
The Rule of Law: Generality, it has to protect everyone
Moore would not arrest a man just for being dangerous, he would have to do something first.

Sept 25, 2006
-charles stewart (Charles I)
-Oliver cromwell decided that charles would have to die
-jan 30 1649, charles
-birth of a republic (kinglesss state)
-pictures of beheaded charles
-"offered justice, and expected obedience"
-last words: "a subject and a king are clean 2 different things"

MEDIA CLIP: Popish Plot
-Charles suspected of having catholics in govt and making secret treaties with catholics
-plot largely based on rumor,
-charles II doesn't have an heir so his brother (James) would be the next king
-earl of shaftsbury says you can't be king
-then James REALLY DOES become king

MEDIA CLIP: James became king in 1685
-after 3 years, james was going to be a visible catholic king
-at least he had no son, his daughter Mary married William of orange
-then hames had a son

MEDIA CLIP: Prince William invited to invade england
-William needed troops against France
-600 vessels, 20,000 troops
-when james realized he was going to be invaded, he fled so he wouldn't be beheaded
-Parliament read a "Declaration of Rights" gave William conditional leadership
-called the 1688 glorious revolution (largely bloodless)

Sept 20, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: (from) adams family
-puritan - indians in a play
-first thanksgiving
-wednesday adams
-shows the clash between new and old traditions between thanksgiving
-and native american grievances

-Don't get cynical and recognize that there are millions who want it to be a city on a hill
-Ronald Regan- saw america as a special place, a beacon of freedom to the world

MEDIA CLIP: (from movie) Chariots of fire
-I'm going back to china-the missionary school said i was accepted
-I believe god made me fast, and made me for china

Sept 18, 2006
Media Clip: new world 1492 unimaginable riches "this is the flagship" (GE Commercial Finance) commercial

Media Clip: Columbus the villian

Media Clip: Motivation for establishment of virginia
Jamestown- business venture

Sept 13, 2006
year 419BC- athenian democracy- facing persian- ostracize- banish the person trying to overthrow the power

MEDIA CLIP: Monty Python and the Quest for the holy Grail
-how did you become king? i didn't vote for you
-you don't vote for kings


MEDIA CLIP: Is the USA now- The nanny state (too many laws)

Sept 11, 2006
September 11, 2001- Twin Towers

War of the Worlds->getting car jacked, crowds

from TV Show: Lost - Jack talks to the people 'every man for himself is not going to work'

from TV Show: Lost - (looting the aircraft for stuff they can use to survive)


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