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as an international student, i don't know much about american heritage either.

Dec 1, 2006: Lab

Today is the last day you can see your second midterm in the review room which is open until 4 today.

Service cards are due next week.

A. The Good War
1. Virtue vs Self Interest
2. "Winning Cards"
3. Why "Good" War?
B. The Bad War
1. Why "Bad" War?

The Cold War (considered bad war by americans) and WWII (considered good war by americans)

Isolationism vs Moral Leadership
Freedom vs Tyranny
Democracy vs Totalitarianism
Capitalism vs. Communism
Imperialism vs Police Power

Isolationism vs Moral Leadership

-WhenWWII started the USA had a policy of isolationism
-Pearl Harbor attack: Dec 7 1941
-USA still self-interested, entered the war

economic perspectives
-higher wages seen during WWII era, people are able to fund the US government
-there was more money in the economy, WWII overcomes the depression
-much more stimulus into the economy
-there was still anti-war feelings

there was they idea of spies
-people feared spies and leaking intelligence from inside america

April 14, 1942
-Labor force...
-Long Hours, to enable the USA to wage war
--people were okay, because they were united
-also in a bad light- there was discriminating employment

Increased production ('miracles'):
-they went from putting out a ship in 196 days,
-increase production allowed them to produce one in 4 days
-assembly line applied to producing bombers
-technology improvements

inventions: atomic bomb

Turn away from imperialism
-FDR during brotherhood week said "all one family" not "masters and slaves"
-instead of conquering and colonizing enemies they adopt different perspective
-imperialism vs police power

Why was the WWII 'the good war'?
-results: The USA helped rebuild germany and japan instead of totally crushing them [moral leadership]
-WWII was justified morally- defense, fighting nazi-ism
-it was easier to characterize the enemy (japanese, germans) as evil
-the us discouraged imperialism, gave up philipines, encouraged britain to give up india

MEDIA CLIP: Miracle (1980 hockey)
[overview of events through cold war era]
-us invades cambodia
-womens liberation front
-russia wins olympic gold in basketball (negative feelings)
-"i am not a crook"
-NASA -made a trip to moon
-vietnam era
-suez oil crisis
-elvis is dead
-test tube baby
-3 mile island nuclear leaking

The cold war 'the bad war'?
-fear of nuclear winter, worldwide fear
-one of 4 freedoms was: freedom from fear-
-the technology developed isn't one sided
-the arms race of 2 superpowers, space race
-Freedom vs Tyranny
-Democracy vs Totalitarianism
-Capitalism vs. Communism
-fear about the spread of communism in the world
-USA takes a strong police power perspective
-usa gets tangled in to many issues in too many countries
-allies with countries that switch sides
-cold war sparked -Korean War and Vietnam War
-US stuck their nose into these wars as a police power
-korean war ends in stalemate, vietnam war ends in defeat

some people would write america as amerika to demoralize them
this is russia spelling of america


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