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Sept 11, 2006

American Heritage 100
Fall 2006
Power and Freedom, Outline 1

I. The Human Predicament creates an endless cycle of violence
Competing groups >
Tyranny >
Revolution >
Anarchy >
A. What is needed: a system to preserve freedom but
restrain chaos
1. Sovereignty

II. John Locke on the Origins of Government
A. The Second Treatise of Government
1. The Social Contract

III. Human Nature
A. What motivates people?
1. Virtue
2. Interest

B. Evolving views of human nature
1. Greek virtue
2. Christian virtue
3. Interest (Enlightenment)


September 11, 2001- Twin Towers

Power and Freedom

The human predicament
-Competition between power and freedom

War of the Worlds->getting car jacked, crowds

Katrina - abdicating their rights - leaving crappy property


Definition: ultimate political power, the final say in a jurisdiction

Lord Acton - when people get power they tend to trample on other peoples rights

Lost - Jack talks to the people 'every man for himself is not going to work'

Locke's 2nd treatise of govt
A State of nature- all men equal, with same rights to life, liberty
B Infringement on rights- voluntary agreement to form govt, a "social contract"
C Govts purpose- protect rights of citizens
D Govt exists by consent of the governed by which it gaims legitimacy
E If goct violates terms of contract (fails to protect people rights) it can be overthrown through revolution

Lost - (looting from the craft)

Human nature: What motivates us?
Virtue: People are naturally good and will do right, when they know what that is

Interest: People are naturally selfish. They will do what is good for themselves, not for society as a whole


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