American Heritage 100 :: Fall 2006 [/\\] BYU

my student notes and resources from amh 100 at byu. i can make mistakes, so corrections are welcome.

use 'search this blog' above to search through my notes.

as an international student, i don't know much about american heritage either.

First Post

I already announced this in my section, but I'm an international student in AMH 100 and I started this website blog where I could post my notes from lectures and from the friday lab. I take notes on my laptop, so it makes it easy to post, and I'm into blogs.

Suggestions and corrections are welcome, and there is a way for people to post comments without having to log into anything if you want. And if someone has better notes than me I can probably setup an invite, so you could post comments too.

For some international students, english is a second language so I've started to post words that I think may be new at the bottom of each lecture.

Remember, this is not an official website of the class or the department, its just something I'm doing on my own.

Good luck in the class.


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