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my student notes and resources from amh 100 at byu. i can make mistakes, so corrections are welcome.

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as an international student, i don't know much about american heritage either.


MEDIA CLIPS since the second midterm

Dec 13, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: clip of people breaking liquor cabinets in a store
-stop poisoning our neighborhoods
-african american born converts islamic vandalize stores
-trashing alcohol racks with bats

MEDIA CLIP: Sean Hannity
-immigrant muslim owned businesses trashed by vandals with bats,
-because they want them to stop selling alcohol, polluting the community
-hannity and colmes discussing against
-New Black Panther Nation- Quanell X defending their actions
-Quanell X understand these people, what they did and why.

Quanell X says that merchant dealing a death drug to our community, he has a responsibility to deal with himself. If he doesn't the community must deal with him.
These business selling alcohol, cigarettes, pornography.

Is it okay for us to go in and burn the businesses down?

MEDIA CLIP: virtue and structure: steve mariotti
-This clip illustrates how both structure and virtue influence mix
-ny cities worst high school
-man left import/export business to teach at it
-man asked why are you giving me flack, was there ever a time i told you something valuable
-one guy said the only time you only had value to us is how to told us about your import/export business
-man changed his way of teaching, started talking about making money
-former students running sporting goods stores, hot dog stands, music business
-they all thank their high school business teacher
-capitalism opens up opportunities for the people at the bottom of the ladder to move up
-capitalism is opportunity

MEDIA CLIP: Mohammed Yunus
-first bangladeshi to win the nobel prize
-microcredit a simple idea
-he founded Grameen Bank to supply microcredit
-lend money to people who have nothing
-give them a chance to start a business
-needs to collateral
-average loan $130 dollars, most loans go to women
-99% of loans have been repaid
-1.4 million dollars of nobel prize money to be used for microcredit
-small loans to people who didn't have access to loans ever before

MEDIA CLIP: unitus
-another nonprofit organization using principles of microcredit
-ties to BYU and mohammed Yunus
-for 1000s of years, how can we fight poverty, why is it still so prevalent in the world
-what can we do? what can I do?
-man: at first i thought the poor lacked work ethic
-well shame on me, these people work incredible hard
-if they don't their children will die
-what the poor lack is opportunity
-there are millions of poor people who have no access to financial services
-not 'the' solution, but 'a' solution
-helping the poor to help themselves
-it is not a welfare handout
-it is credit- access to financial capital
-not a gift but a loan- microfinance- microcredit
-from bolivia to bangladesh
-organizations lend, and pay back loans with interest
-first loan $35 dollars

we're talking about very small amounts of money
for a loan of $50 dollars someone can buy a water buffalo then they can start sending their kid to school

letting them into the market system, open the door of opportunity

MEDIA CLIP: [audio] John F Kennedy's inaugural address 1961
-in the long history of the world only a few generations have been granted the role of defending the freedom of this country...
-i welcom this role, i don't think any of us would exchange roles with anyone in any other generation
-ask not what your country can do for you... but what you can do for your country

the government has provided a marvelous structure, constitution, declaration of independence
structure- what the government does for us

MEDIA CLIP: [audio] ronald reagan inaugural address (20 years after JFK)
-let us renew our determination, faith hope...
-we have every right to dream heroic dreams
-you can see heroes every day, in factories, farms
-entrepreneurs create new jobs, new wealth and new opportunity
-heroes whose gifts support arts, education, churches
-their values support our national life
-'they and their' could be replace with 'you and yours' because you are the heroes
-your dreams and hopes will be the dreams and hopes of this administration

Dec 11, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: ethics, news clip
-74% of american students cheat on exam
-93% say they lie
-30% have stolen from a store
-interview with student caught in cheating scandal
-9 students involved, a teacher knew
-student did not regret cheating
-opposition: cheating is wrong, this is chilling

America: anyone can do what they want to do, it doesn't really hurt anyone.
Why wouldn't you cheat on your husband?

MEDIA CLIP: Dan Rather and Bill O'Reilly
-o'reilly: do you think bill clinton is an honest man?
-rather: I think at the core he is an honest person, yet lie about a number of things

there is this increasing turn towards moral relativism

MEDIA CLIP: John Kelly
-Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are expecting a baby, isn't it great

but they are unmarried. many people think that this is perfectly acceptable and it doesn't hurt anyone.

MEDIA CLIP: pornography a class
-Dr. Laura against the course
-courses are being offered on pornography at certain academic institutions
-studying pornography etc.
-students required to create a work of pornography for their final work of art
-no students had complained
-Dr. Laura: not silent
-pornography being mainstreamed as academic content

MEDIA CLIP: US high school student vs Chinese high school student
-Carol school 5:30am-6:40pm
-carols subjects- math physics chemistry
-emily- many students don't like physics and sciences
-carol- active, sports etc
-chinese know their pop culture
-another student studies in usa and has more opportunities in china so he is going back
-american kids are more independent than chinese kids
-creative types like emily will be in demand
-emily has the luxury of creative freedom
-more people are studying english in china than speak english in the usa

MEDIA CLIP: changing face of usa
-70% hispanic
-1/5 children in america are hispanic
-35 mexican restaurants in topeca
-2000 $504 billion hispanic buy power
-2004 $686 billion hispanic buy power
-2009 $992 billion hispanic buy power
-spanish newspapers are booming
-a community growing in cultural and political influence
-in iowa police officers must learn spanish
-in illinois there are more hispanic members of population than new mexico or arizona

Dec 6, 2006

MEDIA CLIP: college admissions
-students race can be considered in college admissions
-but not in a fixed or numbers system
-racial diversity is important to life

Affirmative Action
-important for college admission?
-ethnic diversity from military leadership
-diversity important to college education

MEDIA CLIP: affirmative action
-supreme court, seattle and louisville kentucky
-deals with quotas
-schools using race to dessegregation
-discrimination against white, and against black
-people ought to be treated as individuals

MEDIA CLIP: taxes- 2 perspectives
-"no one has been hurt by the tax cut" it paid for itself through economic growth
-other guy said 'no one can show that a tax cut can help the economy', deficit has grown
-tax bill- taxes cut for the most well off
-'tax relief works best when its pointed at the people who need it most'

MEDIA CLIP: greed or self-interest
-greed inspires people around the world to work together
-steak source: ranchers work hard for themselves not for people who eat stake
-gas provider, slaughterhouse workers, safety inspector, truck drivers
-1000s of people have to work together to get the food for market
-they cooperate to make it happen, for self-interest
-free market operates on self-interest

MEDIA CLIP: walmart clip
-flashpoint to controversy
-walmart, some people hate walmart, discriminates, hurts economy
-people say they put profits before people
-ted turner called greed- ambition

Dec 4, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: black boy, emmitt till
-emmitt till, from north usa went to visit friends in southern usa
-coming out of store whistled at a white woman, they found his mutilated body a few days later
-beat, mutilated, shot through the head
-mom insisted open casket funeral to show the world what they did to his boy
-woman's husband and husband's half-brother arrested for murder
-defense found: body found could not be identified as emmitt till & it could have been anyone
-prosecution star witness kept out of state
-trial ended, jury (made up of white men) found the men not guilty
-later, they were both found guilty (both men confessed)

MEDIA CLIP: lynchings
-kkk came back to life
-justified on the basis of protecting white women from black sexual molestation
-the house of reps, tried to outlaw lynchings 3 times
-the senate blocked it every time by filibuster
-later on public apology, from senate

MEDIA CLIP: Rosa Parks 1955
-taking a stand by sitting down
-Rosa parks refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus in montgomery
-parks was arrested for violating segregation laws
-boycott lasted 381 days, resulting in integrated busing on montgomery
-she became known as the mother of the civil rights movement
-nonviolent, nonthreatening

a black person giving up a seat to a white person implies superiority (white superior)

Nov 29, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: torture
-Bush says we do not torture
-McCain puts a law banning torture for all american agencies
-Bush says he will veto any law saying "no torture" that does exempt the CIA (allowing the CIA to torture)

MEDIA CLIP: bill o'reilly vs michael moore
-moore says bush lied
-o'reilly says imperfect information
-controversy over why did we get into the iraq war

Nov 27, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: 1930s LDS welfare program
-mormon leaders are startled to find out that people would rather take a check from the government than work
-church institutes welfare program
-puts 20,000 people to work and takes them off of government help

MEDIA CLIP: FDR wins another election
-FDR was a popular man because he helped people find work
-he change the american political landscape
-FDR was a member of the democratic party
-song "we've got money in our hands"

MEDIA CLIP: Brain Trust
-Washington filled with experts
-statisticians, college professors, psychologists, socialogists, mathematicians
-the country wants bold persisent experimentation so the country will get it
-many people started working for the government building bridges etc
-CCC Civilian Conservation Cores puts them in government camps where there is plenty to do

MEDIA CLIP: Private vs public housing
-the government wants to help people, always have good intentions
-spending billions on public housing, broken elevators, rundown houses, no security no locks
-governments keep spending money on public housing but the housing was in crappy
-public housing often in high crime areas
-gives a case study of westchester heights (government owned then became private owned)

why are the apartments cleaner and safer
-business owners realize customers won't pay rent unless they get what they pay for
-virtue vs interest

MEDIA CLIP: Jib Jab: Big Boxmart [view clip here]
-what is wrong with walmart?
-sweatshops overseas because they have to make their products to cheap enough to sell at walmart
-"we used to be your customers now we're your employees"
-"your everyday low prices have a price, they aren't free"

MEDIA CLIP: candy company that went out of business
-a woman lost her job at the Lifesavers candy plant
-kraft closes her plant, her job moves to canada
-kraft cited the high price of sugar as a reason to move
-kraft can save $90 million opening a plant in canada
-us sugar twice as expensive as foreign sugar
-NAFTA makes it easier to open plants in mexico or canada

Nov 20, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: Megasuccessful guy
-chris gardner a guy living in a homeless shelter
-rev. cecil williams ran the homeless shelter
-chris went rags to riches, he bought the ferrari
-he had the ability to work hard and make it happen

MEDIA CLIP: The Great Depression
-think of the experiences of your parents, grandparents
-something went wrong in the 1930s like a punishment or plague
-turn to families friends and kindness of strangers
-no idea when it would end
-many were being evicted
-private charity overwhelmed
-entire farm economy approached collapse
-800 banks failed in 1931
-no federal safety-net
-america was the only major country without a system of social security
-american communist party gained national recognition

MEDIA CLIP: dust storms in 30s (dust bowl)
-the winds carried rain then dust that wiped out families, homes, farms
-some people became alcoholics
-hundreds of thousands fled
-there was very little help for people
-the federal government made several mistakes in the 30s
-they assumed the california could handle the immigration to california
-CA was overwhelmed by the introduction of 100s of thousands of poor people into these communities
-it setup longstanding hostilities between migrants and longterm residents
-it is like Texas (hurrican katrina) which was already overburdened

-spring of 1932 an army of WWI veterans moved on Washington (capital)
-their goal was to claim a bonus for their military service (promised for 1945)
-the veterans kept coming
-the veterans planned to stay in the capital until their bonus became law
-they lived in washington in abandoned buildings, they moved them anacostia where they could close off
-jun 15th the house of representatives passed the bonus bill in the house
-then the senate voted to kill the bill
-the veterans were determined to force the senate to change
-there were 20,000 veterans by now, and 2 months
-the veterans mounted a final protest (a death march)
-congress adjourned without reconsidering the bill
-congress left through underground tunnels
-police ordered to evict the veterans
-then the police opened fire
-army troops in position to clear the area (force
-general macarthur decided to clear the entire city with his armies (instead of just the govt building areas)
-by midnight, anacostia was burning

Nov 15, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: Tammany Hall- a new political organization
-impact on immigrants and other citizens
-Tammany Hall would reach out to new immigrants
-Tammany provided help
--not being able to pay rent
--looking for job
--husband just died
-nothing as famous as tammany hall, leader named Boss Tweed
-superb politician
-shelters for poor, orphanages, etc
-he got people to vote them back into power
-took money from government projects

MEDIA CLIP: American tale
-cartoon, a fat mouse he visited a funeral dead mouse
-he wrote down the name of a dead mouse in his election book

MEDIA CLIP: How factories were run in the progressive era (gilded age)
-the dark side- steel workers worked 12 hours/day
-miners had it worse than steel workers, with explosives and no safety regulations
-when a worker lost an arm he would receive no compensation
-this is now called waged slavery
-new freedom movement rose, called the freedom movement

MEDIA CLIP: American tale again
-child labor
-mouse looks for his family
-gets put into a sweatshop

MEDIA CLIP: Hay market strike
-created labor unions
-most peaceful, some used violence
-August Spies, a violent labor union demonstrator
-police fired and killed 4 workers
-spies compared the revolution to the american revolution
-called for people to arms to fight back
-he rallied more than 3000 workers that day
-380 policemen in the square
-someone threw a bomb at the police
-police started shooting at crowd
-violence at haymarket turn nation against freedom fighters
-Nov 1911, august spees and 3 others were hanged

Nov 13, 2006
MEDIA CLIP: dawn of 1920s
-entering a new era
-after WWI an eagerness to embrace the new
-Number of millionaires jumped 400% in the 1920s
-America was electrified (to cities) with electric power
-Strong economic growth
-Cars, radios, bridges, roads linking country
-Swinging 20s

MEDIA CLIP: "Don't judge too quickly"
-you can't always trust what you see
-Cat, Sauce, and knife on ground

MEDIA CLIP: smokers
-how a 3rd party can be affected by an exchange between a buyer and a seller

MEDIA CLIP: Microsoft
-Microsoft faces anti-trust allegations for its monopoly of the windows operating system
-Bill Gates

MEDIA CLIP: Denver, Colorado in recession
-Recession started in 2001
-1200 layoffs
-denver depends on tourism, but lost 2 billion dollars due to fires
-Denver's budget is funded by sales tax

MEDIA CLIP: Alex Rodriguez coming to New York
-3 sports players at NY combine for $40 million
-supply of pitchers who can pitch like alex rodriguez are few so they can demand large salaries

MEDIA CLIP: Vanderbilt family in North Carolina
-Rich woman in the 1920s feed expensive food for their dogs
-before 1913 there was no income tax
-the rich had cash to spare
-if you have it, flaunt it
-Average millionaire had 40 servants
-Vanderbilt is the most expensive house in the USA
-most people worked 10 hours a day, 6 days a week

MEDIA CLIP: American tale (cartoon)
-depicts american immigration during this period
-there are no cats in america (not bad things)


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