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Dec 11, 2006

American in a Flat World

I. The Moral Dimension
A. The Legacy of the Cold War
1. US: Moral leader of hypocrite
B. The problem with freedom
2. The US as the "Great Satan"

II. The Economic Dimension
A. World resources and the law of supply and demand
1. Outsourcing
2. Industrialization
B. The Problem of Immigration

III. The Question of War
A. The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention
B. Open Sourcing the bomb?


American in a Flat World

The Legacy of the Cold War

US: Moral leader or hypocrite?
-Is the US motivated by virtue or self-interest

Anti-american sentiment

There was an issue recently with Euro-disney and the france government, many people didn't want the americanization, they had to meet the demands of the locals.

The Problem with Freedom: Liberty vs License
-The triumph of tolerance in modern America

In america there has been an increasing turn towards relativism or tolerance
America is a free country
There is a dark side of liberty- license- licensious there is no moral guidelines
We think that people can do what they want

The rest of the world imports our movies, music etc. They use these to interpret businesses.

Personal experience: flight on chinese airlines, saw a movie about a virtuous peasant woman, lazy husband, she started a business growing green peppers, then everyone grew them, they were all prosperous, and it inspired her husband not to be lazy in china. China says this is what we are like in china, virtuous and hard working. On the way back we saw LA Confidential, about the corruption of police in LA in the 40s and 50s. US portrays itself like this.

MEDIA CLIP: ethics, news clip
-74% of american students cheat on exam
-93% say they lie
-30% have stolen from a store
-interview with student caught in cheating scandal
-9 students involved, a teacher knew
-student did not regret cheating
-opposition: cheating is wrong, this is chilling

America: anyone can do what they want to do, it doesn't really hurt anyone.
Why wouldn't you cheat on your husband?

I found out a student had cheated in american heritage. If you are dishonest in one area of life what will stop you from being dishonest in another.

MEDIA CLIP: Dan Rather and Bill O'Reilly
-o'reilly: do you think bill clinton is an honest man?
-rather: I think at the core he is an honest person, yet lie about a number of things

there is this increasing turn towards moral relativism

MEDIA CLIP: John Kelly
-Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are expecting a baby, isn't it great

but they are unmarried. many people think that this is perfectly acceptable and it doesn't hurt anyone.

MEDIA CLIP: pornography a class
-Dr. Laura against the course
-courses are being offered on pornography at certain academic institutions
-studying pornography etc.
-students required to create a work of pornography for their final work of art
-no students had complained
-Dr. Laura: not silent
-pornography being mainstreamed as academic content

The idea some have is that its all okay as long as its not going to hurt people. But this is wrong.

However cheaing does hurt people, dishonesty does hurt people, pornography does hurt people.

With freedom there is tremendous good, but with freedom there is also tremendous evil.

Other societies have governmental restricted.
-in middle eastern countries you can't watch r rated movies etc.

America's reputation in the Islamic world:
-The Great Satan
-US as the embodiment of the evils of a liberal democracy

Because the US exports immoral movies, and music, it is easy for america to be depicted as evil, or as the great satan.

My favorite movie is Babe, because it makes me good to feel alive. Its great when people are good to each other. Many movies inspire us. Its a Wonderful Life. Beautiful Mind. Star Wars. Glory Road. Life is Beautiful. Remember the Titans.

There are many movies out there you wouldn't want to represent you. In a society that operates on a free market, our money and actions speak. We can actually go out and make movies if we don't like whats out there.

America in a Flat World: economic dimension
-World resouces and the law of supply and demand

one of the issues in a flat world is that internationalism interacts with governments

China a good subject for the our discussion

MEDIA CLIP: US high school student vs Chinese high school student
-Carol school 5:30am-6:40pm
-carols subjects- math physics chemistry
-emily- many students don't like physics and sciences
-carol- active, sports etc
-chinese know their pop culture
-another student studies in usa and has more opportunities in china so he is going back
-american kids are more independent than chinese kids
-creative types like emily will be in demand
-emily has the luxury of creative freedom
-more people are studying english in china than speak english in the usa

english is becoming the world's economic language. They are very consciously targeting science and technology, because that is were innovation takes place. In the old world, you didn't have work about smart kids in china or asia taking 'your job' through outsourcing.

Americans need to rachet up their skills if they're going to be able to compete in the world.

Medical clinics will often send their x-rays to india overnight to be read. A lot of work is being outsourced.

The labor still is cheaper in these other countries, but maybe it won't be in the future. Americans need to find niches to make themselves indispensable.

The Impact of industrialization on the environment
-The Kyoto Accord
-The Transformation of 3rd world economies
--30,000 new cars purchased/month in Beijing = high oil prices
--16 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in China

President Bush didn't sign the Kyoto accord because he felt it would stifle economic growth.

Recent studies have looked at both the USA and China
-some say it costs more money to make things in an environmentally safe way
-studies show that recycling and waste limiting can be done in ways that are just as profitable

The Problem of Immigration
-Roy Beck goes around and gives lectures about the potential impact of immigration
-many people think overimmigration is a bad thing

other people think this is a good thing

MEDIA CLIP: changing face of usa
-70% hispanic
-1/5 children in america are hispanic
-35 mexican restaurants in topeca
-2000 $504 billion hispanic buy power
-2004 $686 billion hispanic buy power
-2009 $992 billion hispanic buy power
-spanish newspapers are booming
-a community growing in cultural and political influence
-in iowa police officers must learn spanish
-in illinois there are more hispanic members of population than new mexico or arizona

"It is better to build a road in Michoacan than a wall in Texas"
-Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico

until mexico develops more (world is truly flat), there will be this influx of immigration

thomas friedman, isolation or accommodation [see slides for quote]?

finally the question of war
-the dell theory of conflict prevention
--letting the free market neutralize conflict
--no countries in the same supply chain will ever declare war on each other
--india had conflict with pakistan
--indian company had american company that want to change suppliers due to conflict
--the company sent the message to the prime minister and the conflict was stifled
-opensourcing the bomb


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